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Why 1st Rate?

At 1st Rate we don’t like solutions half baked. You’re after results, not problems, right? Well, good solutions come from sound knowledge, lashings of experience and planning.

To give you an example, here are some questions people from other companies have asked us to solve:
(a)Why do you use different primer for different wood?
(b)How can you eliminate excessive brush marks?
(c)How do you see the real colour of paint in different angles of light?
(d)What temperature do you apply paint to make sure you get your guarantee?

With 1st Rate you get long term solutions, not future problems, because we’ve thought about it.

Who will take care of you?

1st Rate are a close knit team. 

Willy Ikahihifo, Project Manager & Master Painter

  • “I am quiet and peaceful with a perfectionist streak. I don’t tend to offer a lot of information about myself as I enjoy listening to other people talking and sharing a good story with me. I am a very deep thinker and solve problems systematically as opposed to rushing in guns loaded. I thrive on getting it right and work along side my team to achieve high end results.
  • When I’m not painting I’m kept occupied with church, family and sport. I am married and a father of four happy and healthy boys. I love rugby and try to find the time to watch my boys play. I’m involved with our church music ministry. I also teach local youth how to play the keyboard.”

Paula Taufa, Gib Stopper & Plasterer

  • ” I have many years of experience in my line of work, I’m hardworking, organised and punctual. But the true test in plastering is when the paint goes on. It’s so important that stoppers and plasterers do a top job so that painters can get all the glory!
  • When I’m not making painters look good, I really enjoy the outdoors, doing things like gardening, boat-building, biking, walking and fishing.”

Afina IkaOffice Manager

  • “My focus is to look after you, ensuring we achieve the results you want. I monitor our processes very closely to ensure we do what we say we will do. I’m an experienced customer service manager within corporate banking and enjoy an interest in interior decorating. I have studied at Nanette Cameron’s Auckland based Interior Design School and I am a member of the school’s Interior Design Guild.
  • On a personal level I like supporting my boys (all four of them) with their youth and sporting activities. I currently serve as trust treasurer for The Westside Youth & Family Fellowship.”

Our Team,

  • Willy has invested many years in training family members to rise to his perfectionist style. Fortunately they are used to doing things properly as they come from a family that is very particular about work presentation. If you can picture a little old Island lady (tough as boots) standing over them with a big broom while they worked, that pretty much sums up how they got their high work standards.  We have allowed some people outside of our family to work with us, all have been referred by trusted sources and are trained to take the same systematic approach that produces a long term finish.

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