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Exterior House Painting

  • Transforming your house with a fresh coat of paint also acts as a shield protecting your property from the effects of the elements. 
  • Going to the extra cost of completely stripping the existing paint before applying new coatings will give you a longer lasting result (some estimate it to be double the number of years).  
  • Whether you decide to completely strip or just sand the existing layers, the surfaces will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Plants will need to be cut back, well watered and protected with cloth drop sheets (plastic will bake them). Clearing the surrounding area of leaves and rubbish will ensure none of it ends up stuck to the paint.
  • Surfaces containing flaking or bubbling paint needs to be at least scraped back, sanded and primed. With lead based paint needing to be removed according to health and safety regulations, protecting your family, pets and plants from toxic dust.
  • After the initial phases of cleaning and sanding or paint stripping have been completed it’s time to fill major dents, repair rot and prime surfaces prior to carrying out quality checking and exterior painting.

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Window & Wood Rot Repair

Why pay $25,000 for Window & Rot Repair when you could have it done for $5,000?

You may not have to spend tens of thousands replacing rotten window frames for your bungalow or villa. 

  • The owner was quoted $25,000 to replace all the rotten windows in this home. Using the repair care system would come in at around $5,000 (including repair and high level paint finish). Leaving $20,000 in the budget for more important things, like a new kitchen.
Window and rot repair, Auckland
Resene recommended product  :: :: Window & Rot Repair

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Products We Use

Resene and Dulux paints are the most popular brands used by professionals. GB paints are produced by Dulux. Wattyl and Taubmans are also good quality paints.

Resene have put a lot into research and have developed a line called Cool Colours using a plant based technology that helps dark colours reflect a higher degree of heat. If you are wanting to use dark colours on the exterior, then Cool Colors is the way to go.

Most paint manufacturers now have an Eco agenda with advances coming to the market on an on-going basis. The Resene Eco range has been around for awhile with a well thought out responsible programme, as opposed to a knee jerk reaction to the market like some of the other manufacturers.

Exterior Colours

If you don’t feel like pouring through pages and pages of online images, Dulux have a great little booklet of exterior colour schemes.

This is a good place to start thinking about the colours you might choose. Then do an online search based on the colours you think you might want. Resene Cool Colours is the brand to use if you like dark colours, although the paint will cost more. When developing your scheme consider that you will need to balance your colours with existing exterior surfaces and fixtures that can’t be changed.

Last but not least, your front door colour speaks volumes about you. Think carefully about the statement you want your front door to portray to visitors and neighbours. Car colours can be an inspiration for a front door colour. Which car colours are you most attracted to?


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